Tracking Michael Vick's injury

PHILADELPHIA -- There have been reports this morning that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has broken some ribs, but the team hasn't confirmed anything. Vick was tohave an MRI on Monday to determine the extent of the damage to his sore chest and ribs.

He could barely button his dress shirt after the game and he chose not to visit with reporters. Until further notice, it looks like Kevin Kolb is once again the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson told reporters Sunday night that he'd just warned Vick to stop taking so much punishment moments before the quarterback was sandwiched near the Redskins' goal line by Kareem Moore and DeAngelo Hall.

"It was tough, man, especially because I kept telling him he don't need to take hits like he's taking, especially being a quarterback and how much he means to our offense so far in these early weeks," said Jackson. "It's just like, 'Man, you can't take hits like that.' So it's kind of disappointing to see him taking hits like that, but hopefully he'll learn."

Here's the latest report from ESPN.com on Vick's injury. I'll be boarding a flight to Dallas soon, but we'll let you know if there are any updates.