Next man down for Colts: Austin Collie

When the Colts line up against the Houston Texans Monday night Nov. 1, they could be without three of the five players they’d ideally have on the field as eligible receivers.

Dallas Clark is out indefinitely with a hand/wrist injury. Joseph Addai is dealing with a shoulder issue. And now Adam Schefter reports receiver Austin Collie is going to miss a few weeks following hand surgery.

Indianapolis does great work playing backups when they are called on.

But being minus those three raises the DEFCON level for the Colts offense, no matter how good Peyton Manning is.

Jacob Tamme or Brody Eldridge will be the primary pass-catching threat at tight end. Donald Brown or Mike Hart would be filling in for Addai. And, if Anthony Gonzalez isn’t ready, Blair White could work as the third receiver.

Capable guys, but hardly an all-star cast.

Gary Kubiak’s got to be hoping his guys aren’t reading things like this while enjoying a week off, lest a bad defense start thinking the Colts' banged-up offense is something they should be able to handle.