Gonzalez gone, Colts will remember Pollard

Bernard Pollard didn’t think he did anything wrong. Neither did game officials, who didn't throw a flag. Neither did the NFL office, which issued no fine.

But Pollard’s tackle of Anthony Gonzalez on the sideline in the fourth quarter of the Colts’ Monday night win over Houston left Gonzalez with a season-ending left knee injury, and clearly left the Colts upset over how it unfolded.

I just watched it several times, and it was definitely flag worthy. We’ve seen penalties assessed for plays that were far less clear than this one.

When the Colts sent out news that Gonzalez landed on injured reserve, they indicated they were upset with the play by saying he suffered the injury “when being tackled out of bounds.”

It’s a freak injury, certainly involving bad luck. Perhaps Gonzalez didn’t brace for a tackle in that spot the way he would have on the middle of the field, because he assumed the play was over. It’s difficult from the TV footage to determine just how it happened but it’s clear as he gets up and crossed the field to Indy’s bench that something was wrong.

Some guys are injury prone, some are exceptionally sturdy. I understand fans’ frustrations, but it seems unreasonable for them to be angry with a guy like Gonzalez, who's been banged up this year and was lost for the season in last year’s opener.

What, exactly, can he do to prevent such a moment? It’s a very difficult question to answer and I know he’s miserable to be out again.

Texans-Colts hasn’t been much of a rivalry. Houston’s opening-day win was just the Texans’ second in the series, and they’ve never won in Indianapolis.

Pollard’s play and Gonzalez's injury will surely be something the Colts remember when the next matchup rolls around.

In the meantime, Austin Collie is expected to return to action today after thumb surgery in Philadelphia, which means Peyton Manning will have a trio of receivers he’s seen produce in Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon and Collie.