FavreWatch: 'I want to finish on a high note'

Come on, now. You didn't really think that Brett Favre's "re-evaluation" would lead him anywhere but the Minnesota Vikings' starting lineup Sunday against the Washington Redskins? Did you?

As you recall, Favre said he would go home and "re-evaluate" his season after a 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Asked if he could commit to playing for the rest of the season, Favre answered vaguely. Favre is a 20-year veteran of NFL news conferences, and I can't imagine he was surprised at the interpretation of his words. But speaking to reporters Wednesday, he said: "We have six games left. I hope to finish them all. Let's make that clear. I want to finish on a high note. If my body will allow me, and I can play up to my expectations, my standards, I want to do it. After the game, I wasn't implying that I wouldn't do it. I want to get this team back on track, and that's my goal."

Favre said he hasn't experienced much change in routine this week following the dismissal of coach Brad Childress, other than a bit of extra meeting time with quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers. Interim coach Leslie Frazier said he met with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and "just emphasized certain points that I think are important for us to be successful as a team in what we need to be able to do on offense."

Frazier wouldn't go into specifics but said: "When you watch us on Sunday, hopefully that will come across, and you will be able to look at it and say, 'OK, that's the direction the Vikings are going to go.'"

One thing we do know: The quarterback will be Brett Favre. Even if we never doubted it.