Wrap-up: Chiefs 10, Broncos 6

A look at a closer-than-expected 10-6 Kansas City victory:

What it means: The Chiefs are now 8-4 and are in good shape in the playoff hunt. It may not have been pretty, but Kansas City got the win and that’s all that counts in December. Denver played hard, but it couldn’t find a way to win. The Broncos are now 3-9.

Tomorrow’s talker: The Chiefs scored 102 points in the past three games and the Broncos allowed 100 points in the same period. But the Chiefs couldn’t get going Sunday. They made many mistakes, including a penalty that took a touchdown off the board. Kansas City coach Todd Haley also went for it on fourth down on the goal line and the Chiefs were stopped. Haley is a gambler and it drives a lot fans in Kansas City crazy. But that’s him and I don’t expect him to stop. Kansas City will also be talking about the tirade tackle Barry Richardson had on the sideline after he was taken out after committing a penalty. Richardson appeared to push an assistant coach. I would expect him to receive some type of punishment from the team.

Trending: Denver cornerback Champ Bailey did a great job on Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe. Bowe did not have a catch. He entered the game with 32 catches and seven touchdowns in the past three games. Bowe had his streak of catching a touchdowns in seven straight games snapped.

Fence mending: With countless cameras surrounding them, Denver coach Josh McDaniels and Haley embraced after the game and Haley patted McDaniels on the head. Three weeks ago, Haley pointed at McDaniels and wouldn’t shake his hand after Denver beat the Chiefs by 20 points. Haley apologized for his actions the next day.

What’s next: Kansas City has a huge game at San Diego. If the Chiefs win that game, they take control of the division. Denver plays at Arizona. If the Broncos could that they will be all but ensured a very, very high draft pick.