Jaguars up to 12th in Power Rankings

I wanted to move Indianapolis back further on my ESPN NFL Power Rankings ballot, honest. I just couldn’t put the Colts behind St. Louis or Tampa Bay, who’ve faced inferior competition, or Miami, which suffered its own terrible loss on Sunday.

But the division’s dive in the overall rankings continued.

The Jaguars moved up three slots to 12th thanks to their win at Tennessee that put them in first place of the AFC South. But the Colts lost three spots, the Texans lost two and the Titans lost four.

Monday night matched up my first- and second-ranked teams, and the result meant New England jumped into first and the Jets dived to No. 6.

Here’s a link to the mailbag for any complaints. Wait, I'm sorry. That's Tim Graham's mailbag. Try here instead.

But please keep in mind I’m just one-fourth of the Power Rankings and these overall results do not match up with my ballot. You can see how I, and the other three panelists, voted here in Mike Sando’s post.