Tebow makes statement on Meyer


It’s been a trying few days for Denver rookie quarterback Tim Tebow.

Monday, Josh McDaniels was fired as Denver’s head coach. McDaniels traded three picks to move up and draft Tebow. McDaniels was Tebow’s biggest support. Wednesday, Tebow’s college coach, Florida coach Urban Meyer resigned from the school. Meyer and Tebow are extremely close.

Tebow released a statement on Meyer’s retirement on Wednesday night. Here it is:

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime to play for a man who will be remembered as one of the greatest football coaches of all time. But Coach Meyer was more than just a coach to me -- he was a father figure who cared about me as a person and taught me valuable lessons that I will never forget.

“I respect that Coach Meyer had the courage to make the decision that was right for himself and his family. He will be blessed and better off for it. I am truly glad that he’s happy and no matter what, we both will be Gators for the rest of our lives.

“While change is never easy, the University of Florida will find the right head coach to continue its proud football tradition and will have the full support of Gator Nation. I wish Coach Meyer and his family all the best going forward, and they will always be a big part of my life.”