Is Rick Dennison the favorite in Denver?

There has been growing speculation Thursday that the name to watch in the Denver Broncos' coaching search is Houston offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

Thursday, ESPN analyst Adam Schefter said Dennison may be a name to focus on. The NFL Network is reporting Dennison could be the candidate to beat.

Now, these reports aren’t saying that Dennison will definitely be the Broncos’ next coach. But the reports may be worth paying attention to.

Wednesday night, I looked at the five current candidates. I wrote that I’d be surprised if Dennison became the coach. I wrote that because he doesn’t have the head-coaching experience new Denver executive John Elway is looking for.

There are some questions whether Dennison would be a great fit for Denver’s current needs. Dennison, who did not call plays as offensive coordinator, is a running-game specialist and Denver needs to develop quarterback Tim Tebow. Also, the Broncos need immense help on defense and some think hiring a defensive-minded head coach is what Denver needs to do.

But Schefter said the Broncos may be excited about the familiarity they have with Dennison. Dennison is the candidate most connected to Elway of the five interviewed so far. Dennison is a former Denver player and a coach. Dennison also likely wouldn’t cost much and that could be appealing as well.

The Broncos are expected to begin a round of second interviews. According to these reports, we should expect to see Dennison on the list of the candidates who make the cut.