Brown and Roaf must wait for HOF

February, 5, 2011
The AFC West was represented in the Pro Football Hall of Fame election Saturday when former Denver tight end Shannon Sharpe was elected in his third year of eligibility.

Let’s look at the two other AFC West finalists, who did not get elected:

[+] EnlargeTim Brown
Steve Grayson/Getty ImagesTim Brown had 1094 catches and 14,934 receiving yards during a 17-year career.
Oakland receiver Tim Brown

What happened: He didn’t make it to the final 10.

Why: There is a glut of receivers waiting to be inducted. Cris Carter and Andre Reed have both waited for a while and they will likely get in before Brown.

Will he get in? I’m sure he will, but it may take a while. Brown -- who hoped to be elected in his hometown of Dallas Saturday -- is stuck in a receiver log jam. He surely deserves to be elected, but it’s a process and he is going to have to wait. Brown was a finalist last year in his first year of eligibility, but he didn’t make the final 10 then either.

Kansas City left tackle Willie Roaf

What happened: He made it to the final 10.

Why: This was a pretty stacked class. Roaf was considered a long shot to make in his first year of eligibility.

Will get in? Yes, perhaps as soon as next year. The fact that Roaf -- who played his final four seasons with the Chiefs after playing for the Saints -- made the final 10 in his first year of eligibility is a good sign that he will soon be enshrined.

Bill Williamson | email

ESPN Oakland Raiders reporter



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