Lions have luxury of ignoring available DTs

Shaun Rogers is touring the NFL as a free agent. Albert Haynesworth is apparently available via trade. Both players have significant Detroit Lions connections, but happily and mercifully, neither appears on the team's radar.

If the Lions did anything last season, it was establish one of the better defensive lines in the game. Rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh earned All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors, and Corey Williams --15 penalties and all -- proved a valuable cohort. In large part because of their defensive line, the Lions had the NFL's biggest drop in points allowed from 2010 to 2009, bringing their total down by an average of 7.8 points per game.

There is every reason to believe Suh and Williams, with Sammie Hill as their primary backup, can provide front-line production for at least the time period that Rogers (32 next month) and/or Haynesworth (30 in June) would.

Rogers played in Detroit for seven seasons. Haynesworth played seven seasons under Lions coach Jim Schwartz when both were with the Tennessee Titans. Simply put, the Lions don't need either of them. Talent-poor teams owe it to themselves to consider every possibility, no matter what baggage exists. But at defensive line, at least, the Lions don't have to go there.

There has been some buzz about both players among Lions fans this offseason, but I agree with the guys who man the @SideLionReport Twitter feed: "Loving the #Lions DL right now. Glad to see the Shaun Rogers circus stopping elsewhere. Liked him when he was here but don't want him back."

During our SportsNation chat Tuesday, Robert of Gainesville, Fla., asked if I thought the Lions should trade a low-round draft pick for Haynesworth. My answer: No way. Does anyone really think Haynesworth wants to come to play in the shadow of, and possibly as the backup to, Suh? For the first time in years, that's a mess the Lions don't need to even consider.