Ahmad Bradshaw's agent does his job

All right, all right. Enough complaining. Yeah, it's been five hours since the last post, but (a) I've spoiled you guys in just two months and (b) I wasn't going to show up in Bristol, do TV and then not go spend time chatting with my bosses who are in the very same building. I mean, they saw me on TV. They know I'm there. What are they going to think if I don't go up and say hi?

Also, the food in the cafeteria here is good.

Finally, the suit was not "mustard" as some have said. Get the color on your TVs fixed, grouches.

Anyway, I'm back, because I'd never abandon you guys. And one thing that came up this morning while I was on TV was that Ahmad Bradshaw's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, went on the radio in Miami and said Bradshaw would be interested in playing for the Dolphins if the Dolphins wanted him. I have no doubt that (a) this is true, (b) the Dolphins would love to have him and (c) this does not constitute any good reasons for Giants fans to panic about whether Bradshaw will be back with the Giants in 2011.

There are no sure things in free agency, and it could very well be that the Dolphins or some other team comes along and lures Bradshaw away from New York. If that were to happen, it would dramatically alter the Giants' offseason priority list and could adversely affect their ability to keep some of the other free agents they'd like to bring back. Bradshaw is their top priority, and if there is indeed going to be a three-day window before the market opens during which teams can re-sign their own guys, I'm sure the Giants would like to get Bradshaw locked up in that three-day window.

But Rosenhaus is Bradshaw's agent, and as such it's his job to get Bradshaw the best possible deal. And the way to do that is to maximize leverage. If no other teams are interested, the Giants have no incentive to pay him a dollar more than they want to pay him. So Rosenhaus, with this statement, is doing two things: First, he's putting in the Giants' heads that they're likely to have competition for Bradshaw. And second, he's inviting the Dolphins to be that competition, since they have a need at running back and would make sense for Bradshaw if he wants to leave New York.

I don't think Bradshaw wants to leave New York. I don't think the Giants have any intention of allowing him to leave if they can stop him. I'll bet he stays put. But he'll want to get the best possible deal he can get from the Giants if he does stay put. So Rosenhaus is just out there doing some agenting.