Lions take care of furloughed employees

I didn't have anything nice to say in May when the Detroit Lions instituted staggered two-week furloughs for all team employees, as reported by the Detroit News. That it came in at a time of increased ticket sales made it all the more difficult to accept.

So it's only fair to note this update from Tom Kowalski of Mlive.com: Team president Tom Lewand said employees will be reimbursed for lost wages.

Full details of the Lions' pay reduction program were never publicized, but other NFL teams promised their employees a full wage return if the lockout ended without any missed games. It's possible the Lions fell into a similar category.

This doesn't wash away the original decision, which no doubt created hardship at the time. But at least the Lions took a reasonable step to make amends toward a group of people who had absolutely, positively nothing to do with the lockout.

Back with ya in the morning.