Abram Elam says he's talked to Cowboys


Everybody keeps asking who the Cowboys will get to play safety. While they need two of them, the identity of one of the ones they've been trying to get revealed himself Saturday night on Twitter when free-agent safety Abram Elam (@abeelam) tweeted the following:

Just hung up with Rob Ryan he spoke about how good @terencenewman1 and the defense is and can be.. I told him well #CTMFC#

Ryan is, of course, the Cowboys' defensive coordinator. He was also the Browns' defensive coordinator the past two years, while Elam was playing in Cleveland. @terencenewman1 is Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman, with whose feelings the Cowboys are being very careful right now since everybody knows he's the guy they would have cut if they'd signed Nnamdi Asomugha on Friday. And "CTMFC" stands for "cut the check" with some other letters thrown in the middle with the intention of making the request seem more forceful.

Therein lies the problem, of course. The Cowboys are up against the salary cap and need two safeties. They'll get them, but if Elam is holding out for big money, they might have to look elsewhere. What seems clear, if Ryan is trying to recruit him, is that he's the guy at the top of their wish list. And until he signs somewhere else, they can keep trying and hoping the relationship with Ryan helps ensure that their check is the one he ultimately takes.