Eagles' Mike Patterson collapses at practice

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Mike Patterson dropped to the ground and went into convulsions before the start of drills today at Eagles training camp, according to eyewitness accounts such as this one from philly.com:

Head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder quickly moved to stabilize Patterson's neck and clear his airway. Patterson was moving his arms, but never got off the turf, as teammates gathered around and an ambulance was summoned. Patterson eventually was loaded into the ambulance on the field, and presumably taken to Lehigh Valley Medical Center.

I'm still at Redskins camp today, so I was following this on Twitter like many of you and read the scary accounts of shaken-up Eagles players and coaches watching as Patterson was loaded into the ambulance (with first-round pick and former firefighter Danny Watkins supervising). I have no more information at this point but obviously we all hope Patterson is OK. I'll post updates as I get them.