John Beck talks about his big chance

If you were reading Tuesday, you'll remember Washington Redskins quarterback John Beck likening himself to a sculptor. In this interview with the NFL Network, he likens himself to a car -- at least in the minds of all the NFL teams who passed or gave up on him.

"I never took it to heart," Beck says. "It's just like picking cars. Everybody's got a certain car they like, and just because that car's not the one they picked doesn't mean it's not a good car."

Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan clearly believe Beck is a good car, and they're going to take him out for a spin Friday night, giving him the chance to start their second preseason game and show them whether he's worthy of all the faith they're showing in his abilities. If he's not, they can always leave him in the garage and go with Rex Grossman, who played well in last week's preseason game. But as we've discussed here many times, I think Beck's going to have to fall flat on his face in order to not win the job.

He's certainly doing all he can to act the leader. Along with linebackers London Fletcher and Lorenzo Alexander, Beck was a driving force behind the organization of Redskins player workouts during the lockout. And if you watch to the end of that video to which I linked above, you'll see him bring Redskins right tackle Jammal Brown in for part of the interview because he doesn't think offensive linemen get asked to be interviewed enough. Smart quarterbacks take care of their linemen!