Week 2 Power Rankings: NFC East

Always nice to have some games on which to base opinions, and such is the case in this week's edition of the Power Rankings. Our voters kept things the same at the top, as you can see, but there was some movement along the middle of the rankings, including with the four teams in the NFC East.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (Last week's rank: 4) Ranking now behind only the Packers and the Patriots, the Eagles moved up to take the spot vacated by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who fell to eighth after their disappointing season-opening loss to Baltimore. Are they good enough to rank with the very top teams in the league? What I liked about their season-opening victory over the Rams was that, while they weren't hitting on all cylinders, they were still able to do enough great things and find ways to win and win somewhat easily. That's something top teams are generally able to do.

13. Dallas Cowboys (14) They moved up one spot (as did a number of teams as a result of the Colts sliding from 9th to 23rd). Dallas' movement likely reflects the fact that they looked very good for almost the entire game against one of the best teams in the league before a couple of bad late mistakes cost them the game. Judging them on the way they played all night -- especially on defense -- rather than a couple of mistakes is probably fair.

17. New York Giants (15) The loss to Washington knocked them down a couple of spots, but there's many differing opinions among the voters on the Giants. Ashley Fox has them 14th and Paul Kuharsky 15th while Mike Sando ranked them 20th and James Walker 25th. I have no idea where I'd put them, since I don't know what we're judging when we watch them right now. The injuries have really messed with the roster to an extent that there's no way to know what to expect. The Giants are this week's reason I'm glad I don't have to vote on these.

19. Washington Redskins (28) As you know if you read me regularly, this spot more accurately reflects where I would rank the Redskins than the surprisingly low rank from last week. I don't know that they're a contender, but they're surely improved off of last year's 6-10 season, and they're going to give contenders a tough time as an opponent, especially on defense. They're not one of the worst teams in the league, and I'm not entirely sure why people expected them to be in the first place.