How Owens would fit in the NFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Terrell Owens' release from the Cowboys makes available one of the greatest receivers in NFL history, by some accounts. A quick look at how he might fit -- or not fit -- in the NFC West:

Arizona: The Cardinals have a great thing going with Larry Fitzgerald. They still have Anquan Boldin, they have developed Steve Breaston and they now have more than $21 million in 2009 salary-cap space allotted for Kurt Warner and Fitzgerald. Adding Owens would upset the current balance and threaten overall chemistry.

San Francisco: The 49ers need receivers, no question, but their quarterbacks and offensive system likely wouldn't satisfy Owens' appetite for the football. Coach Mike Singletary has enough work keeping the volatile Vernon Davis in line. Owens might push him over the edge.

St. Louis: The Rams could badly use what Owens would offer them on the field, but a first-time head coach backed by first-time coordinators might have a hard time handling Owens while trying to establish their own program. Marc Bulger' stat line would certainly benefit, however, and Steven Jackson would find more favorable matchups in the running game.

Seattle: The Seahawks already signed T.J. Houshmandzadeh. They have millions more tied up with Deion Branch and Nate Burleson. I can't see general manager Tim Ruskell adding such a volatile and potentially divisive personality to the locker room, particularly after investing so much in Houshmandzadeh. Branch and Burleson impressed head coach Jim Mora when they embraced Houshmandzadeh's signing. Owens wouldn't be so selfless.