Cerrato: Don't come knockin' on our door, T.O.

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Do you guys feel like we're spending enough time on T.O. today? I certainly don't want to short-change anyone. One of my favorite things about the story is that other teams are feeling the need to issue press releases saying they're not interested in T.O.

Redskins personnel czar Vinny Cerrato seemed offended at the notion that he and Dan Snyder might welcome T.O. into the fold. In fact, Cerrato didn't even wait to release his response on his weekly ESPN radio show. He provided the team Web site with this classic quote:

"[Owens' representatives] called us three years ago before he went to Dallas, and we didn't have interest then," Cerrato said. "Why would we have interest when he's 3 years older now? We have no interest."

I feel silly for even bringing it up. Why would anyone ever speculate that the Redskins -- of all teams -- would consider something as far-fetched as paying an aging player a large signing bonus? Where do people come up with this stuff?