Archie Manning's stance makes sense

Archie Manning’s two recent radio appearances certainly qualify as the beginning of posturing to help position Peyton Manning in the best way possible.

What Dad Manning said makes perfect sense -- Andrew Luck isn’t the kind of quarterback who will need time to sit and marinate on an NFL bench. So the idea of Luck and Peyton Manning on the same team doesn’t make for a good quarterbacking environment or roster composition.

“Andrew Luck doesn’t look like the kind of quarterback who’s going to sit,” Archie Manning said on today’s Dan Patrick Show.

He’s right. And he spoke with a purpose.

The Mannings never say anything casually. Anything that could have a bearing on the public stance on something concerning one of them is calculated. Not in a nefarious way, just in a smart way.

Between these comments and Peyton Manning’s pushback on Bill Polian’s statement that he talked with the quarterback last summer during contract negotiations about drafting an eventual heir, things are getting more complicated.

My opinions on what the Colts will do and should do are evolving, and I’m sorting through them for another post soon.