How you feeling? Giants-Cowboys

As you get ready for the big Sunday night game in Dallas, here's one reason for New York Giants fans to feel good and one reason for Dallas Cowboys fans to feel good:

Giants feeling good: The Giants' offensive line, playing without left tackle Will Beatty for the last two weeks and without center David Baas last week, is actually coming off two of its better games of the year. The run-blocking in last week's loss to Green Bay was the best it's been all season, and with starting running back Ahmad Bradshaw healthy again, the Giants have a chance to get their worst-in-the-league run game on track. They definitely have enough in the passing game to score with the Cowboys and to come back in the fourth quarter if need be. But if they can run the ball effectively too, their offense could be downright dangerous.

Cowboys feeling good: It runs counter to everything today's star-obsessed sports landscape is about, but the return of the Cowboys' fullback, Tony Fiammetta, from the illness that kept him from playing the last three games, could re-ignite the Cowboys' offense. The Cowboys are 5-1 this year with Fiammetta in the lineup, and they rush for 5.6 yards per carry when it's in there as opposed to 3.3 when he's not. If rookie tailback DeMarco Murray has a huge game, you might be able to point to Fiammetta's return as a big reason why.