Clark on Ravens: 'Always the bridesmaid'

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark was painting at his daughter's 13th birthday last Sunday when his phone began to ring off the hook. Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff had just missed the 32-yard field goal, and the Ravens lost in the AFC Championship Game.

"I mean gut wrenching," Clark told 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh on his feelings about the game. "I know for those guys it is heartbreaking, but that is what football is about. You have to make every play and New England made just enough plays to win the game."

What? This actually sounds like Clark is being sympathetic to the Ravens' devastating loss. The same Clark who said before the season that it's not a rivalry with the Ravens until Baltimore starts winning.

Well, not so fast. Here's the kicker from Clark: "I know it seems like for the Ravens right now, always the bridesmaid and never a bride."

The Ravens can't be upset about Clark's remarks. This is the second time in four seasons that Baltimore has come up one victory short of getting to the Super Bowl. And the Ravens weren't exactly sympathetic when the Steelers surprisingly lost at Denver on the first play of overtime.

“It was priceless to see the look on their faces,” Ravens guard Ben Grubbs said of the Steelers two weeks ago. “I’m sure they went into that game expecting to win, but the outcome was a lot different.”

Yes, even in the offseason, the rivalry still exists between the Steelers and Ravens.