Butch Davis a fit in Tampa Bay?

Since the hiring of Greg Schiano as Tampa Bay’s coach Friday, there has been speculation that Butch Davis could join his coaching staff. It’s completely logical because Schiano, who was an NFL assistant for only three seasons, needs some strong NFL experience on his staff.

Predecessor Raheem Morris took lots of criticism (most of it justified) for not having a very experienced staff, especially after firing offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski before the 2009 training camp ended and defensive coordinator Jim Bates midway through that same season.

Davis was a head coach for the Cleveland Browns. He also was a college head coach at Miami and North Carolina. Davis and Schiano have history together. Schiano was defensive coordinator at Miami when Davis was there.

Now, the tables could be turned. The reports are unclear if Davis is being considered as a defensive coordinator or assistant head coach.

I say, Schiano should go after him hard and let Davis fill both roles. Davis knows how to run a defense and Tampa Bay’s needs lots of work. Davis also could be a good asset as an assistant head coach because he knows how the NFL works and, at least initially, Schiano’s going to need some help in that area.