Long-term free agency scorecard

Bill Lubinger and Rich Exner of the Cleveland Plain Dealer put together a comprehensive free-agency scorecard.

They tracked what every team in the league has done from 2006-2011, and matched up winning percentages during that time.

That’s hardly scientific.

But all different kinds of signings count the same here.

  • Signing defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to a monster contract and getting minimal production, as Washington did.

  • Signing a big free agent who gives you all you hoped for, as the Texans did with cornerback Johnathan Joseph, or the Jaguars did with Paul Posluszny.

  • Signing a cheap guy you think can emerge, as the Titans did with defensive end Jason Babin, and getting fantastic production.

  • Signing a player like defensive end Aaron Kampman, who the Jaguars have gotten minimal production from as he has dealt with knee injuries.

Still, it’s interesting to consider the list in totality.

Here’s how the AFC South placed:

Hat tip to Scott Kendrick of the Florida Times-Union blog.