Draft glance: NFC West teams by the numbers

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

A few quick NFC West-related notes from the recently completed 2009 NFL draft:

  • The 49ers were among four teams that did not select an offensive lineman, along with the Raiders, Redskins and Saints.

  • Twelve teams drafted quarterbacks, including every NFC West team but Arizona.

  • The Cardinals were among three teams to draft two running backs. The Seahawks were one of 12 teams not to select one, a bit of a surprise to me.

  • Every NFC West team but Arizona drafted one receiver and one linebacker.

  • The Cardinals were among nine teams to draft two defensive backs. Seven teams drafted three. The Jets and Jaguars were the only teams not to draft one.

  • The Seahawks and Rams were among 14 teams to draft an offensive lineman in the first three rounds. The Jaguars and Bills drafted two apiece.

  • The Cardinals and 49ers were among six teams to draft a running back in the first three rounds.

  • The Seahawks and 49ers were among 13 teams to draft a receiver in the first three rounds. The Browns drafted three. The other 12 teams drafted one apiece.

  • The NFC West held three of the top 10 overall choices, but a league-low 16 in the first two-thirds of the draft (top 170 choices). Every other division had at least 20. The AFC East, AFC North, AFC South and AFC West each had 23.