Mark Sanchez wants to be bigger, stronger

New York Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is very durable. He's proved it over three seasons by missing just one start. However, Sanchez's durability has more to do with his toughness than his actual size, and that's something Sanchez aims to improve.

Sanchez wants to get bigger and stronger in 2012. That will help him take the punishment at quarterback over a 16-game season.

"Just starting with this first couple of weeks, one of these things is in the weight room, to really push myself and get a little stronger, a little thicker and maintain my agility, my speed and things like that. That was No. 1 physically," Sanchez told reporters at organized team activities this week.

Sanchez has had nagging injuries in the past but always played through them. Last year he took a beating as his offensive line was inconsistent. Sanchez, who is listed at 225 pounds, was sacked a career-high 39 times, often by defensive linemen who outweighed him by at least 50 pounds.

This is an important season for Sanchez, who has a lot to prove. Durability will be especially key this year, because popular backup Tim Tebow is sitting behind Sanchez and waiting for his opportunity.