Jerry still keeping tabs on T.O.

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Owens Jones
CARROLLTON, Texas -- Just because Terrell Owens is in Buffalo doesn't mean that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has forgotten about him. In fact, Jones said Thursday that he makes it a point to watch the former Cowboys wide receiver's "segments" on TV.

Jones spoke to reporters for about 20 minutes during Thursday's organized team activities (OTAs) session at Standridge Stadium. And as I wrote in this news story, he said that T.O. was a "credible" source in his mind. But when Jones was asked if T.O.'s recent statements/Tweets suggesting that Jason Garrett and Tony Romo ran him out of town were credible, the owner reiterated that only one man knew the "rationale" behind that decision -- and that's of course Jones.

"Of all the people on the planet that know why he's not here, it's me," said Jones.

And if you're looking for someone to blame for the T.O. topic being broached at a Thursday OTA session, start with me. I was just sort of curious whether Jones was interested in what T.O. was saying in Buffalo.

"I read carefully what's written," said Jones. "I have a good relationship with [T.O.]. I'm very confident that we have communicated well ... I'm just interested. He's credible with me."

Jones stressed that he didn't make a "knee-jerk" decision on T.O. and that he talked to a variety of people before coming to his decision. I think T.O. thought so highly of Jones that it's impossible for him to imagine the owner arriving at that decision on his own. It's easier to pin it on Garrett and Romo. Under that scenario, he can continue looking up to Jones.

Oh, and there's the fact that Jones paid T.O. handsomely for three seasons. OK, I'll be back with some DeMarcus Ware news in just a bit.