Blogger Blitz: RG3 expectations for debut

I will be watching the Washington Redskins' preseason opener Thursday because I, like a lot of people, am interested to watch rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III compete against NFL players who are actively engaged in trying to stop him. But I don't expect Griffin's preseason debut to be overly exciting. As I explain in this week's Blogger Blitz video, the injuries along the offensive line and to running back Tim Hightower directly affect Griffin's protection. And given the level of Washington's investment in Griffin, I would think his protection would be of paramount importance in a meaningless game this early in the process. It's possible Griffin will do something to dazzle you Thursday night in Buffalo, and it's possible you'll get to see some of the new plays they've put in because of what his unique abilities allow him to do. But it's more likely the Redskins will keep things safe and simple at this point -- at least until they feel better about the group around him than their injury situation allows them to feel right now.