49ers draw line and hit Cards behind it

This is an Arizona Cardinals note, but San Francisco 49ers fans will be more apt to enjoy it.

The 49ers, while holding Arizona to 7 yards rushing Monday night, hit Cardinals running back LaRod Stephens-Howling in the backfield on four of eight attempts. Stephens-Howling had 8 carries for 6 yards. But he gained 7 yards after contact.

As ESPN Stats & Information notes: "His average point of first contact was behind the line of scrimmage. Six times this season a running back has had at least eight rushes and an average point of first contact behind the line of scrimmage, and Stephens-Howling is the only one who has done it twice. Entering Sunday, Stephens-Howling had been hit in the backfield on 30.2 percent of his rushes, most among any player with at least 40 rushes."

The problem for Arizona?

"Granted, they're a very good run front, but it wasn't that we got beat as much as it was we didn't make the blocks because we didn't take the right technique step or we didn't get it done," coach Ken Whisenhunt said Tuesday.