Werder: Big Ben's injury may be significant

PITTSBURGH -- The news coming out about 12 hours after quarterback Ben Roethlisberger injured his right shoulder isn't good for the Steelers.

A source close to the team told ESPN's Ed Werder that Roethlisberger's injury could take some time to heal. If this is a significant injury, Roethlisberger would miss both games against the AFC North-leading Ravens. The Steelers (6-3), who trail Baltimore (7-2) by one game, play the Ravens twice in the next three weeks in a strange scheduling quirk.

According to Werder's report, Roethlisberger is "extremely sore" Tuesday morning and "hurting pretty bad." He is heading to get another MRI, which will give the team a better idea of the significance of the injury to his right shoulder.

Head coach Mike Tomlin will address reporters at noon. I'm at the Steelers facility, so check back later for updates.