How will Vick look in the Wildcat?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
PHILADELPHIA -- Michael Vick's news conference Friday was all about explaining how he's going to be a better human being. On Saturday, the Eagles hope to begin focusing on Vick's football future. I thought Paul Domowitch of the Daily News had a really good column this morning that explained why Vick could be such a threat to opposing defenses.

I'm anxious to find out what type of shape Vick's in, and I'm sure the Eagles are the same way. Even though he apparently worked out in prison, that's still much different than being in football shape. After seeing him in person Friday, it doesn't look like he's lost much weight.

We're sort of in the honeymoon phase with Donovan McNabb and Vick right now. I'll be very curious to see how McNabb reacts the first time he's pulled from the lineup near the goal line. I keep reading and hearing people say that McNabb's the perfect quarterback to co-exist with Vick. Really? Have these people not followed McNabb's career?

This is going to be fascinating to watch. Starting tight end Brent Celek told me Friday that he thinks the interest in Vick will die down after a couple of weeks. I don't agree with him. Vick's a huge story, and he's playing for a team that has perhaps the most passionate fan base in the league.

I've been listening to talk radio in Philly today and checking out some different polls on Web sites. If I had to guess right now, I would say Eagles fans are 60-40 against Vick coming to town. Of course, his approval rating could go up significantly if he starts scoring touchdowns in the Wildcat. Where do you guys stand on this decision?

In unrelated news, Celek told me that his shoulder was feeling better and that he'll return to practice Monday.