Jets will get nothing and like it from Favre's return

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
For the record, the New York Jets will receive no compensation from the Minnesota Vikings when they sign Brett Favre, as expected.

Favre did have one year remaining on his contract with the Jets, but they released him from the reserve-retired list April 28, renouncing all rights.

The Jets also do not owe the Green Bay Packers any compensation. When the Packers traded Favre to the Jets last summer, the deal -- spurred by speculation the three-time MVP truly wanted to play for the Vikings instead -- included a stipulation that made it difficult for the Jets to send Favre back to the NFC North.

The Jets would have owed the Packers three first-round picks had they traded Favre to the Vikings, Chicago Bears or Detroit Lions.

There were some other convoluted provisions to last year's blockbuster trade that recently resulted in the Jets returning to the Packers a 2010 seventh-round conditional draft pick.

That's a heck of a lot cheaper than three first-rounders, eh?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters Greg A. Bedard and Bob McGinn broke down the Favre-to-Jets deal earlier this month:

"If Favre had unretired and played for the Vikings, his exit from the Jets could have been viewed as an attempt to evade the poison pill," the story explained. "The source said there was 'no chance' the team would have asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to investigate that possibility. The organization has made a concerted effort to turn the page on Favre the day he was traded."