Giants will close season with Favre-led Vikes

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

There's a chance we'll be writing this same story 10 years from now. Brett Favre will be 49. I'll be 46 and closing in on 13 years of blogging. Favre's the "gift" that keeps on giving -- even though some people have begged him to actually honor his word and stay on that farm in Mississippi.

But now that Favre's un-retired for the second (or is it the third?) time, it's time to see how his decision will impact the NFC East. My longtime colleague and friend Kevin Seifert has taken a look at the Vikings' '09 schedule, and the Giants are the only Beast team that shows up.

The game will take place in Minneapolis on Jan 3. There's a good chance the Giants will have sewn up the first seed in the playoffs, so Tom Coughlin may end up resting his starters much of the game -- as he did against the Vikings last season.

But taking a big-picture approach, I think the Vikings definitely have a better shot at making the playoffs with Favre. They already have the best running back in the league. With the threat of a passing game, Adrian Peterson could become even more of a force. On defense, the Vikings do an excellent job against the run.

I had the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys down as definite contenders for a playoff spot, with the Redskins not far behind. With the addition of Favre, there's an argument to be made that the Vikings are a better team than the Cowboys.

Anxious to hear what you guys think.