Reaction from Green Bay

Posted by ESPN.com staff

And the reaction in Packerland to Tuesday's Brett Favre news ...

"I'm not surprised by it. I don't think anybody should be surprised by it," Packers coach Mike McCarthy is quoted on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Web site.

Asked whether this added some spice to the Vikings-Packers rivalry, McCarthy said: "I have no comment about it. We're a football team that's looking to improve. If he's going to play, that's obviously his choice."

Favre's former Packers teammates also did not have much to say.

"I don't have a reaction," quarterback Aaron Rodgers told the Journal Sentinel. "It doesn't pertain to me. It has absolutely nothing to do with me. It doesn't change anything. It has nothing to do with the Green Bay Packers."

"I ain't worrying about it to be honest," said receiver Donald Driver.