Strange land: First thoughts from Cowboys' home

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
ARLINGTON, Texas -- The incomprehensibly big HD screen is flashing snapshots of the building process of Cowboys Stadium.

It's hard to take your eyes off it, and right now it's just a slideshow. (One friend called it Godzilla-vision.) My press box seat is in a corner, so I have a side-angle view of one of the crystal clear sideline screens, as well as look at one of the smaller versions facing the peasantry with end zone seats or standing room spots.

Driving in for Friday night's Titans-Cowboys game was not as bad as I expected. Police and traffic control staff all knew what was where -- a rarity at a lot of venues and an impressive feat considering this is the building's first football game.

There are pay lots "nearby" that have $60 price tags. Steep.

A lot of fans came early and tailgated. Some of them then lined up at the doors and raced in when they opened.

The two lowest sections of seats are actually below ground level, which helps make things feel less big than they are.

If you come in and walk down to your seat, you have to think "Boy, am I close." If you come in and walk up just one section to your third-level seat, I suspect you think "Boy, I feel closer than I expected."

Someone else told me they heard that Reliant Stadium would fit in here, and my eyes tell me it's true. It's certainly more of an oval, while Reliant is rectangle.

I saw Craig Hentrich trying to hit the bottom of the huge screens with punts and fail on several tries. But Jim Wyatt, sitting next to me, says Hentrich got it once, and backup punter A.J. Trapasso hit it three times that he saw.

Time to explore more.