Bills have bigger problems than Toronto

The Buffalo Bills (5-9) would not have won Sunday's game whether it was played in Toronto, Ralph Wilson Stadium or a high school field.

That's how bad the Bills were during a listless, 50-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Fixing those problems should be their primary focus.

Instead, Buffalo center Eric Wood created national headlines Wednesday by calling the Bills series of games in Toronto "a joke." I’ve heard similar grumblings from Buffalo players in the past, although certainly not as strong. The fact is that many Bills players feel they are cheated of a true home game -- and it’s a legitimate point. The Bills are 1-4 all-time during the Toronto series.

But let's not let the location of Sunday's game deflect from the fact the Bills were sloppy and disorganized. Buffalo didn't bother showing up, and that's a problem. Seattle led 31-7 a quarter and a half into the game.

The Bills have coaching issues. The Bills have quarterback issues. Based on Week 15, the Bills may have effort issues. Playing in Toronto had nothing to do with Ryan Fitzpatrick's three turnovers or the defense looking helpless as Russell Wilson ran circles around them.

The Toronto series was a business move by Bills ownership that hasn't been great in terms of fan turnout. But an extended agreement is in place until 2017.

Bills players need to get their minds off Toronto and focus on playing better football.