Rex Ryan, Norv Turner make a nice pair

January, 3, 2013
One year ago, the thought of Rex Ryan and Norv Turner working together seemed far-fetched.

Ryan, the New York Jets head coach, infamously ripped Turner by saying he would’ve won multiple Super Bowls with the talent Turner had in San Diego. Turner didn't take that shot lightly, and Ryan later apologized for the remark.

Now, just a year after that incident, Ryan might be chasing Turner to join his staff. reports that Ryan likes the idea of hiring Turner as the Jets' offensive coordinator. The Jets still haven't decided on the future of current offensive coordinator Tony Sparano -- but reports that indicate Sparano will be out.

Ryan and Turner would be a nice pair. Turner is not the best head coach and was fired by the Chargers. But he is a very good offensive coordinator, and that is exactly what the defensive-minded Ryan needs.

Turner also is particularly good with quarterbacks, which is very important. The Jets will be looking for someone to replace or compete with signal-caller Mark Sanchez in the offseason.

With Ryan running the defense and Turner running the offense, the Jets would have a chance to turn around their struggling franchise sooner than later. Sparano was not the answer in New York, but Turner has much more potential.

James Walker | email

ESPN Miami Dolphins reporter



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