A quick look at Austin Collie and 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers' workout with free-agent receiver Austin Collie comes as the team moves forward without injured starter Michael Crabtree.

2009-11 Crabtree vs. Collie

Collie, 27, has his own concerns. Knee surgery forced him to miss the 2012 season. He also has a history of concussions.

The chart shows Collie and Crabtree producing at about the same level over the same number of games across the 2009 through 2011 seasons. Collie was with Indianapolis and catching passes from Peyton Manning during those years. Crabtree was playing within a 49ers passing game that struggled through much of that window.

Crabtree finished the 2012 season with 85 receptions for 1,105 yards and nine touchdowns. Collie would not replace Crabtree, obviously. But as the 49ers consider the options while evaluating less proven wideouts on their roster such as A.J. Jenkins and Ricardo Lockette, they have a better idea what Collie could offer.

The 49ers' meeting with Collie came shortly after the team learned another wide receiver, the recently signed Brandon Carswell, had suffered a torn ACL.