Joe McKnight struggles to practice field

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- A strange scene involving Joe McKnight -- who else? -- unfolded at the start of practice Monday.

McKnight, who has made headlines in training camp for dehydration, a traffic arrest, a migraine, a head injury and a bizarre interview with reporters, struggled to make it to the field. He stopped three times on the walk from the locker room to the field, each time dropping to one knee. On the third time, he stayed down for a couple of minutes, adjacent to a trash can. He was in vomiting position, although there was no official confirmation on whether he actually lost his breakfast. As this was occurring, Kellen Winslow breezed by McKnight on his bicycle, heading to the field -- a funny scene.

A member of the training staff came over. McKnight took a water bottle and poured some water over his head. He jogged on the field to begin warmups with his teammates.

McKnight lasted only 45 minutes in practice. He got up slowly after diving for a pass in a one-on-one drill and was escorted to the locker room by trainers.

As a rookie in 2010, McKnight infamously vomited during a minicamp, a moment he never lived down. He appeared to be out of shape when he got to this training camp, flunking the conditioning test. He insisted he wasn't out of shape, blaming it on dehydration. Rex Ryan said McKnight suffers from "anxiety" when taking conditioning tests.