Dan Graziano's MVP Watch

Peyton Manning threw for 4,659 yards and 37 touchdowns in his first season in Denver. Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports

It may not be on your mind just yet. You're more focused today on the injury reports, wondering who's going to be healthy enough to play for your favorite team (or your fantasy team!) in Week 1. But before long, you know you'll be wondering: "Should _________ be in the MVP conversation?"

So why not start it now?

It is my great pleasure to take over from Mike Sando the stewardship of ESPN.com's weekly individual-performance NFL horse race. Each week, you can check back here to see who's moving up and who's moving down in contention for the 2013 NFL MVP award. It's a race that annually captures the imaginations of NFL fans as they debate who's more essential to his team's success, how much more important quarterback is than any other position, whether a player on a non-contending team can really be considered "most valuable."

This list will be based on 2013 performance, and of course there is none yet from which to draw. So as a means of kicking off the 2013 MVP Watch, I present to you one man's opinion on which players are most likely to win it, and why. Enjoy.