Stats put Jets' kitchen-sink D in perspective

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

We all know the New York Jets love to blitz.

But until you see a breakdown of the numbers, it's hard to quantify how much the Jets get after it compared to every other team.

ESPN Stats & Information tracks every snap and has determined the Jets have sent added pressure a whopping 62.6 percent of the time through the first three weeks. They have recorded only four sacks, but anybody who has watched the Jets' defense can't deny how their disruptive ways have rattled quarterbacks and short-circuited opposing offenses.

That's far and away the largest percentage in the league. The Chicago Bears are next when it comes to sending added pressure at 47.5 percent.

The NFL average is 35.6 percent.

The Oakland Raiders are the most conservative team at 11.0 percent.

Stats & Information defines "standard pressure" as four pass-rushers. But if, for example, only three advance and a fourth comes from the secondary, then that would be considered "added pressure."

This might not jibe with how individual teams define extra pressure, but as long as it's being applied uniformly, you get a good idea how active each defense is.

The rest of the AFC East is closer to the average.

The New England Patriots rank 12th in added pressure at 34.6 percent. The Buffalo Bills are 14th at 36.9 percent, while the Miami Dolphins are 19th at 40.6 percent.