Jauron's approval rating a comical 4 percent

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

This might be some sort of record.

In early balloting Monday afternoon, Buffalo Bills coach Dick Jauron is pulling down a 4 percent in the latest SportsNation head coach approval ratings. Jauron

That's dead last in the NFL and the worst number in the two years SportsNation has conducted the polls.

Four percent.

Genghis Khan wasn't that despised. Idi Amin was embraced more by his people. Spencer Pratt is adored by comparison.

Four percent.

Jauron's rating is 20 points lower than when Richard Nixon left office.

Bills fans loathed the guy last year, but his lowest rating for 2008 was 8 percent. So he was twice as popular then.

The Bills were manhandled 38-10 by the winless Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, a darling last year, so far has skyrocketed from 43 percent to 75 percent with the victory.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick led all AFC East coaches Monday afternoon at 85 percent after knocking off the Baltimore Ravens.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan suffered his first loss and slipped from 92 percent to 76 percent in the early voting, which generally holds up through the week, give or take a couple of percentage points.

So Jauron actually could go lower than 4 flippin' percent.