Ryan to rebuilding clubs: 'How convenient'

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, speaking to South Florida reporters on a conference call to preview Monday night's game against the Miami Dolphins in Land Shark Stadium, reacted to the Braylon Edwards trade in a manner you'd expect. Ryan

Ryan loves the acquisition, and he's not afraid to wave a dismissive hand at those clubs who aren't willing to make such a dramatic maneuver.

"I want to win now," Ryan said. "Every team in the league should want to win now. In my opinion it’s a copout for any team to say, 'We’ve got a four-year program.' Well, how convenient. Your contract is four years, or whatever. To me, I don’t see how that's justified.

"Every team in the league has the same amount of money, the same resources. So why shouldn't you go for the same goal? We’re going for the Super Bowl championship. If people say that’s ridiculous, I think it’s ridiculous you should have any other goal in mind."

Meanwhile, Buffalo Bills fans who read this are now choking back tears.