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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Hasselbeck has company among indispensable

Posted by's Mike Sando

Jeffri Chadiha ranked Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck ninth on his list of the NFL's most indispensable players. Chadiha included no other NFC West players on his list, but I'm happy to help. Without further delay, here are a dozen players other than Hasselbeck who might be considered indispensable to NFC West teams:

Note that my list doesn't claim to include only the 12 most indispensable players. I could make the case for including several others.

Clements might belong, but my thought there was that the 49ers needed more from their front seven first.

The Cardinals probably need to be better represented on this list, but they have two potential starting quarterbacks and two top-flight receivers. They might be as good or better with Kurt Warner taking over for Leinart. If Larry Fitzgerald suffered an injury, Anquan Boldin could probably help carry the offense (while getting that raise he wants).

Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson might belong on this list, but I left off safeties altogether because most of them have a harder time influencing games.

Hasselbeck might need counseling if the Seahawks lost Bobby Engram, who caught 94 passes last season. The Rams could be in trouble if they lose a starting linebacker. Most teams in the division aren't equipped to lose offensive linemen.

If I've left off anyone obvious, please let me know. You can hit the mailbag along the right side of the blog or leave comments here.