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Friday, September 10, 2010
Chad Pennington appreciates union salute

By Tim Graham

The Miami Dolphins will have to decide as a team whether they want to join the Buffalo Bills in a gesture of union solidarity before they play Sunday afternoon in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

But quarterback Chad Pennington, one of the Dolphins' most respected players and their former representative to the NFL Players Association, liked the symbolism he saw Thursday night in the Superdome.

In a demonstration of togetherness with a potential labor battle coming after the season, the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints walked onto the field and raised their index fingers in unison.

"It's a gesture of unity and believing in the same thing and standing for a common goal," Pennington told me. "I don't really see a problem with it.

"But I think it should go team by team. If they think it's necessary and they feel they want to do it, then why not? Shoot, unfortunately, it's the position we're in."

Buffalo Bills player rep George Wilson said Friday afternoon he was inspired by what he saw Thursday night. Wilson wants to reprise the show of solidarity before Sunday's kickoff and said he would reach out to the Dolphins' representatives to make arrangements.

Pennington was the Dolphins union rep until this year, giving way to receiver Greg Camarillo. When the Dolphins traded Camarillo to the Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago, running back Ricky Williams assumed the role.