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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys in top 10

By Dan Graziano

Ah yes, Power Rankings day. The day each week when we get to ponder the horrifying question: What if the NFL were just like the BCS?

The new Power Rankings are out, and so we take our weekly look at how the teams in our division fared. In order, of course.

9. Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 12) The Cowboys started the season ranked 14th, fell as low as 21st at one point, and now find themselves in the top 10 after three straight wins. With games coming up against the 3-7 Dolphins and the 3-7 Cardinals, and with the two teams in front of them having lost their starting quarterbacks in the past two weeks, the Cowboys have the opportunity to keep moving up -- as long as they can keep winning.

strong>12. New York Giants (7) Voters did not like the Giants' home loss to the Eagles on Sunday night, and the five-spot drop for the Giants is the biggest for any team this week. It likely doesn't help that it was their second loss in a row, following a tough road loss at No. 2 San Francisco the week before. But the Giants have kind of been that team all year that made you wonder how they were winning so much, and when that team starts losing, they sometimes drop pretty fast in polls like this. For what it's worth, I might put them ahead of the No. 11 Falcons. And I'm not sure they're not better than the Cowboys until we see them play each other. But I'm not a voter, so you know.

strong>18. Philadelphia Eagles (22) The Eagles are the reverse of the Giants, and tied with the Dolphins and Browns for the biggest jump up the rankings this week. They're the team that began the season ranked No. 4 -- the team about which everybody's been wondering how they were losing so much. So when they look as good as they looked in picking up a road win in the division without their quarterback and best receiver... yeah, they move up. Honestly, I think they're better than a few of the teams right in front of them -- Denver, Tennessee and Oakland, to name three. But the record says otherwise, and the Eagles have to own that.

strong>26. Washington Redskins (26) The Skins' overtime loss to Dallas was the best game they've played in a month and a half, but it was still a loss, and they're 3-7 and hanging out with the bottom-feeders. It's hard to make a convincing argument to move them up. I mean, the Dolphins are one spot ahead of them and beat them head-to-head. I guess they get a chance to shake out of things this week with a trip to No. 23 Seattle, but if they lose that one, the bottom of the poll is going to start coming up on them pretty quickly here.