NFL Nation: 2013 Week 11 Power Rankings

A weekly examination of the Lions' Power Ranking:

Preseason: 24 | Last Week: 10 | Power Ranking since 2002

The Detroit Lions are in the top 10 for the third straight week, having bumped up a slot to No. 9 and having proved their standing as the team to beat in the NFC North. Detroit has three road wins now and, should the Lions win at Pittsburgh, will be no worse than .500 this year on the road. It’s also the first time this season Detroit is labeled as the top team in the NFC North in the Power Rankings.

The Lions are the fifth-rated team in the NFC, behind Seattle, New Orleans, Carolina and San Francisco. More important, though, if you were to compare this team to Detroit’s last playoff team, the Lions are ranked one slot higher at this point of this season than they were in 2011, when they were No. 10.
A weekly examination of the Vikings' Power Ranking:

Preseason: 17 | Last Week: 30 | Power Ranking since 2002

The Vikings couldn't move up in the rankings this week despite getting their second win of the year Thursday night against the Washington Redskins. That's because two of the three teams directly in front of Minnesota -- the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers -- won this week, keeping the Vikings stuck at No. 30. But Minnesota did keep pace, in a manner of speaking, with the No. 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and No. 32 Jacksonville Jaguars, who both won in Week 10.

This week, though, could find the Vikings in danger of slipping into one of the bottom two spots in the rankings; Minnesota travels to Seattle to face the third-ranked Seahawks, who expect to get receiver Percy Harvin back just in time to face his old team. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, gets the No. 29 Atlanta Falcons at home. Considering how bad this week's matchup looked for the Vikings even before Harvin came back -- Minnesota is 5-16 on the road since 2011, counting last year's playoff game -- a drop in the Power Rankings could just add insult to injury after Sunday.


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