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Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

Houston Texans

  • AFL Legacy Games will honor, confuse and mildly annoy, writes Alan Burge.
  • Jeremiah Johnson could have shoulder surgery according to a PFW note Burge found.

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves make back-to-back appearances at No. 7 and No. 8 on Don Banks' list of 2008 rookies who need to deliver this fall and erase memories of underachieving debuts.

Tennessee Titans

  • Tight end Bo Scaife is on John Czarnecki's list of players who should be watching their backs at minicamps.
  • Mark Jones is hoping he can earn Chris Carr's old return jobs, writes Gary Estwick.
  • In the wake of the Dallas Cowboys' troubles, Lindsay Rutledge wonders if the Titans' practice bubble is safe.
  Herb Scharfman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images
  The AFC East will feature several 'Legacy' games in the upcoming season, where the players will wear the jerseys of their AFL predecessors, similar to the one being worn by Patriots ball carrier Jim Nance against the Buffalo Bills in 1966.

Posted by's Tim Graham

The NFL has unveiled a schedule of 16 Legacy Games that will celebrate 50 years of the eight original AFL teams.

Ten of the Legacy Games will feature the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots or New York Jets. 

Clubs will wear their original uniforms. That means Pat the Patriot, the red buffalo and the navy-and-gold Titans garb.

The other five founding AFL franchises -- the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans), Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers) -- also will play in their throwbacks.

Officials will wear the AFL's red-and-white striped uniforms.

The NFL has authorized only the eight original AFL teams to wear throwbacks for 2009. That means the Miami Dolphins will remain in their current gear when they play in their three AFL Legacy Games. 

The Bills will kick off the series in the preseason against the Titans in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 9 and also participate in the first regular-season Legacy Game when they open on Monday night against the Patriots on Sept. 14.

  • Aug. 9: Bills versus Titans, Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.
  • Sept. 14: Bills at Patriots; Chargers at Raiders.
  • Sept. 27: Titans at Jets.
  • Oct. 11: Dallas Cowboys at Chiefs; Patriots at Broncos.
  • Oct. 18: Titans at Patriots.
  • Oct. 19: Broncos at Chargers.
  • Oct. 25: Chargers at Chiefs; Jets at Raiders.
  • Nov. 1: Dolphins at Jets.
  • Nov. 15: Bills at Titans; Chiefs at Raiders.
  • Nov. 26: Raiders at Cowboys.
  • Nov. 29: Dolphins at Bills.
  • Dec. 6: Patriots at Dolphins.