NFL Nation: Bears-Vikings

Touchdown No. 500 for Favre

November, 29, 2009
MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota just took a 7-0 lead over Chicago thanks to Brett Favre’s 15-yard touchdown pass to receiver Percy Harvin. In the process, Favre became the first player in NFL history to total 500 touchdowns. He has 486 passing and 14 rushing in his 19-year career.

The Bears should feel fortunate that this is a one-score game. Their offense couldn’t muster a first down in the first quarter, managing 18 total yards on its first two possessions. The Vikings, meanwhile, have been running up and down the field and have 145 total yards along with 10 first downs.

But Adrian Peterson’s fifth fumble of the year stalled their opening drive, and Danieal Manning’s 44-yard kickoff return has put the Bears offense in good field position for its third drive. Stay tuned.

A 99-yard cushion

December, 1, 2008
Posted by's Kevin Seifert

MINNEAPOLIS -- Please, just be in the right spot.

That thought looped through Gus Frerotte's head Sunday night during that seemingly interminable period in the second quarter. Frerotte was waiting to find out if a once-in-a-career pass would succeed or fall to the ground. The defensive alignment was ideal, the safety took a pump fake, the cornerback picked his poison and Minnesota's top receiver was open for a momentum-changing, 99-yard touchdown.

 AP Photo/Tom Olmscheid
 Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian heads for the end zone on a 99-yard touchdown catch.

All Frerotte had to do was get it there.

"All the years that I have played, you get those calls a lot," Frerotte said. "You're throwing the ball out of the end zone. We're trying to go deep, but if it's not there, you check it down. But it was just one of those things. ... I'm just saying to myself, please just be in the right spot. You let it go and put some air on it. It ends up being perfect."

Indeed. Frerotte and receiver Bernard Berrian hooked up for the 11th 99-yard pass in NFL history, a well-called and perfectly executed play against a defense stacked for a running play. The score gave Minnesota a lead it never relinquished in 34-14 victory over Chicago, a game that left the Vikings in sole possession of first place in the NFC North.

How did the Vikings' big-play receiver get so open in that situation? Here's a look at the most interesting play of the NFL weekend, based on interviews with the participants:

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