Happy vibes fill Texans' locker room

CLEVELAND -- Observed and heard in the locker room after the Houston Texans' 23-7 victory over the Cleveland Browns:

  • Smiles, hugs and happy shouts filled the hallway between the football field and the Texans' locker room. Defensive end J.J. Watt was one of the final players to walk in, and as soon as he crossed the threshold, he released a roar. It sounded something like this: "YEAAAHHHHHHHH! WOO!"

  • Jadeveon Clowney spent some time with trainers after the game but said he felt much better Sunday than he did after the Texans' Week 8 game against the Tennessee Titans. "I'm just looking forward to the next one," he added. Clowney suffered a torn meniscus in Week 1, then missed the next six games. He returned against the Titans but didn't leave that game feeling great.

  • Garrett Graham was a few yards from the end zone when he made the catch that wound up being the Texans' second touchdown. "I knew it wasn't far away when I caught the ball and turned up. When I saw it was only 5 or 6 yards, I just wanted to do everything I could to get in. Just tried to put my shoulder down and keep moving."

  • Coach Bill O'Brien said this of the Texans' offensive line: "I thought the line played their best game of the year. I thought the tight ends and the offensive line did a very good job of blocking." Guard Brandon Brooks has loftier ideas, though. "I'd say we played a good game," Brooks said. "Our best game? Hopefully that's the next game. I never want to say we played our best anything because there's always things to get better at."