NFL Nation: Eric Zeier

The Arizona Cardinals' 2-0 record this season and 4-2 overall mark with John Skelton starting at quarterback has stirred debate over how the team should proceed once Kevin Kolb is healthy.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt announced no decision Monday. There would have been no advantage in doing so.

Kolb's toe and foot may or may not be healthy enough for him to play against San Francisco in Week 11. Either way, the team isn't likely to give up on Kolb after only seven games. Two inconsistent, but ultimately victorious, starts from Skelton do not compel a change. Skelton has shown enough to remain a factor in Arizona.

The Cardinals will be facing a 49ers defense more formidable than the ones Arizona faced in beating St. Louis and Philadelphia over the last two weeks.

Whisenhunt could always use Kolb's injury to give Skelton another start, letting the organization gather additional information on Skelton while Kolb's condition improves. Kolb could serve as the backup, coming off the bench only if needed. And if the Cardinals were to upset the 49ers with Skelton behind center, Whisenhunt would have a good "problem" to solve next week.

I've thought Skelton has appeared more comfortable than Kolb has appeared. He's been slightly better than Kolb, in my view, and his fourth-quarter touchdown passes have given him traction in the debate. But just as it's too soon to write off Kolb, it's too soon to suggest Skelton is the answer. But if you're really serious about arguing for Skelton, here's a gift from ESPN Stats & Information: Skelton has four touchdowns in seven attempts with no sacks in the red zone, while Kolb has three touchdowns in 19 attempts with four sacks.

For perspective, I've used Pro Football Reference to create a chart showing where Skelton fits among quarterbacks with similar experience since 1995. Each quarterback was in his first or second season of playing. Each was 22-24 years old at season's end. Each has started at least four games and attempted between 150-250 passes. Each has played 10 or fewer total games.

Waiting on Berrian status

September, 13, 2009

Posted by’s Kevin Seifert

CLEVELAND -- Sign of the (economic) times: I saw a number of No. 10 Cleveland jerseys as I made my way to the stadium Sunday morning. Most of them said “Quinn” on the back. But I spotted one that said “Zeier.” (Last/only year for Eric Zeier in Cleveland: 1995.)

I’m perched here in the press box looking for signs of Minnesota receiver Bernard Berrian, who hasn’t been seen (on the field) since straining his hamstring in the Aug. 14 preseason opener at Indianapolis. So far, I haven’t seen him. In fact, one of the few Vikings players on the field is center John Sullivan, who is no doubt putting in last-minute preparations for matching up against Cleveland defensive tackle/monster Shaun Rogers.

The Vikings are required to report Berrian’s status at 11:30 a.m. ET. I’ll bring it to you as quickly after that as I can.